Fall Is Right Around The Corner

Wow, the summer has flown right by, and fall is almost upon us! I for one am ready to see the summer temps drop down to something more hospitable, fall is my favorite season and one of the main reasons I give people when they ask what my favorite part of living in the North East is.

You might not be thinking about it, but now is the time to begin preparation for your fall plantings, lawn renovations and installations, as well as your standard fall cleanup routine.

One of the perks of New England living is getting to watch the leaves change in the fall. The leaf peepers from other parts of the country get the best of both worlds avoiding the aftermath that mother nature drops upon us after the pretty colors fade away. Our number one suggestion for homeowners is to get your fall cleanup schedule set now so that you can enjoy the fall foliage until the very end without having to scramble at the last minute to get us out to pick up all the debris and leaves once they have fallen.

Fall Cleanup regimens vary widely, and we can tailor your cleanup to fit your needs, but the main focus for everyone is removal of fallen leaves.  What homeowner doesn’t want to see the sharp lines after a lawn cut, hard-lined edges along the landscape beds and a debris free lawn?  Our most popular regimens are to schedule weekly or bi-weekly visits in order to keep your yard looking fresh and keep the man hours spread out instead of one massive cleanup at the end of the season. Some people think putting the work off is the best approach, but have you ever tried to clean leaves that have been matted down after sitting out in the rain for a few weeks? A bit of frost or an early snowfall can be a nightmare when you have leaves on the lawn. This can lead to dead grass and extensive repairs after the winter, these scenarios are when the cost to clean begins to skyrocket.

Maybe you are the proactive type or you have a year round maintenance contract that covers this work (very smart), in that case there are a host of other projects that are well suited to the cooler fall months. Lawn renovations and full installations are best done during these months. There are many approaches to doing a lawn installation and all are viable options. Depending on your timing and budget we can install seed, hydroseed, or Sod.

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